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Mostly Megaman characters, bases, pics of my friends' OCs, my OCs and even...cats!! ^w^


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You could say this is like Q and A but not involved any characters. Because this will involved myself when you ask me some questions. Since I see :iconmja42x: and :iconlatroma: make the journal, might as well give it a try for myself. Just put a question in comment and I'll update this journal for the answer. So what would u like to ask about me? ^^


:iconcomicmakerjoe::iconsaysplz: Who was your first Oc?
A: My first character I made is Michelle who were given nickname as Crystal Violet. She was made when I was still amature and immature when I was in internet for first time when I was 18. Around that time I got addicted to all Megaman series especially ZX, following to Sonic and Kingdom Heart. I created my first project series as a spriter which I named it DimensionLand and Michelle is one of the main characters. In DimensionLand world, she is 500-year-old zeploid (named for humanoid androids in the series) who is the last keyblade master of the world who had sleep into capsule for centuries and later on being found by other 2 main characters.

CV by CrystalViolet500 Michelle with her elves by CrystalViolet500  Crystal Violet .:Profile:. by CrystalViolet500 -Let's remake- Michelle by CrystalViolet500
She actually created based from what I wish to be so you could say she supposely as my self-persona character and usually I used her for rping along with other characters. Too bad the series no longer active due to real life situation. But still, if I have time, I maay bring back the series with redesign everything I need to make it better.

:iconlatroma::iconsaysplz: Where do you get the inspiration for your collection of characters mostly?
A: Some people thought I inspired from anime due to my artstyle but actually there's more than that. Other than anime, I also inspired from local comics (which is Gempak Starz and Komik M) and video games. Like Virtue Warriors, for example, I created the series with inspiration from Madoka Magica and Persona 4.

When I was drawing, I listen to few songs which is usually songs of opening and ending of some anime, Jpop and Vocaloid. While listen to the songs, my imagination got wild, make me imagine my characters in some scenes with the songs played. So yeah, music also inspired me. Especially when the song involved showing stories like Kokoro by Kagamine Rin.

Lastly is concepts involved culture and trivia. I not very well into History but some information inspired me to draw to make my characters being more interesting. Like Hang Saif who created with concept of Malaysia culture and his clothes based from Malay warriors in history time, and color White also can be scary according to facts I figure out when try to know more about Japan which is why I make the white ninja Shiro Shinobi.

:iconalexandricswartzwind::iconsaysplz: Which one of your creations has seen the most changes? (Retcons or reboots included)
A: I not sure, actually (Because I was having busy time while drawing) but if you meant by which character, I picked my self-persona character, Crystal. She was firstly draw as myself in my artwork version but later on she got redesign the most compare to my other characters. Plus, given with few nickname in each series I made and also from other franchise company of game, anime or other shows that people these days may know

My new appearence of my artwork and MMZX version by CrystalViolet500  My artwork-version appearence concept by CrystalViolet500 Main Characters Concept for Angel Guardians series by CrystalViolet500 The guardian of VW by CrystalViolet500 New ID for 2014~ by CrystalViolet500 Crystal The Passing Angel by CrystalViolet500 Crystal -Single Char design- by CrystalViolet500

But if from project, I would said DimensionLand because I started it by make mostly sprites and later on change style to artwork. I should remake the series soon. Hopefully I can

:iconzephyr-aryn::iconsaysplz: Just to be fair since I asked this of everyone else.... What is your favorite ice cream?
A: Not sure if u meant by flavor or what type of ice cream served as but if I were to choose, I prefer a Sundae with vanilla with chocolate chip flavor :music:

:iconsstteevveenn::iconsaysplz: Which male oc of mine do you like
A: I would say Vion because he was your oc who make me know you for first time

:iconveratai::iconsaysplz: How do you think people are treating your chars? and which ones seem to be people's favorites?
A: I wish I knew but sadly, I can't read their minds. If I say they 'only like my girl characters', I don't think that's the right answer. Me and my characters are not yet being well-known in this community. After all, I didn't get much comments and feedbacks so I don't know how they think. At least, I didn't get lots of haters around me.

As for which one that seems to be people's favorite. I think it would be Sheriff Stone for those who in DeviantUniverse group. If not involved DU, either Topaz or Michelle. Again, I only guess because I not popular yet
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Fatin Izzati Fauzi
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