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May 30, 2013
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DeviantUniverse - Sakura Goddess Lin by CrystalViolet500 DeviantUniverse - Sakura Goddess Lin by CrystalViolet500
EDIT (Feb 2014): Redraw and remake her appearance and backstory


Virtue Warriors Sinopsis…

Spirit Lin's first sketch design…

Other characters…

Character (c) me


Another hero for :icondeviantuniverse:
The only one look like a child in Virtue Warriors o3o

Note: English isn't my first language so sorry for grammers and such

Name: Sakura Goddess Lin (short: Sakura Goddess or Goddess Lin or just Lin)
Real Name: Lin Chunhua
Age: 18 (physical appearence around 10 to 12)(in 2013)
:bulletgreen: Member of Virtue Warriors
:bulletgreen: orphanage and student of Sakurai School
:bulletgreen: Sheriff Peter's "sister"
:bulletgreen: A semi mortal(?)

Country: China

About Her:-
:bulletgreen: A girl who assumed as a semi mortal due to her body growth stop when the time she gain and awake her hidden super power 6 years ago. She is considered as the special child of an orphanage school which located at forest called Sakurai School.
:bulletgreen: Being loved by many students, teachers and especially the headmaster of the school, Ms Sakurai, because she always kind and never felt jelousy at them, either those with or without special talent. Her hobby is dancing ballet, which is her talent and her dream to become a ballet dancer.
:bulletgreen: Among The Virtue Warriors, she is the youngest in both physical and mental. She is the most kind and sweet. Adding with her cute, moe face and her kind childish personality, that makes her look more innocent like a child. She never judge people by their look because she can feel their true personality and feelings. She will react to their heart which can be seen by her face expression. However, she will shivered with fear when she felt jealousy feelings from a person due to her past with her twin sister
:bulletgreen: Most of time she with Cyborg Peter because he is like a brother to her; always say ‘Brother’. That's because the sheriff decided to adopt and taking care of her from her school but Lin think the sheriff more of a kind brother.

Sakura Tree Fans
Her double pink fans allow her to control and manipulated trees and other nature floras like flowers and leaves. Also use to summon many big ribbons as her sub weapons

:bulletgreen: Flora and tree elements – summoning or controlling trees and other nature greens. Two best moves of nature:-
Summoning creatures of plant – Summon creatures that took shape and/or kinds of flora plants. Usually chibi humanoid figures but sometimes tree giants.
Sakura Petals Movement- summoning many sakura petals around her for either attacking, guarding or for flying and gliding on air

:bulletgreen: Big Ribbons move – summon many big silk ribbons to attack or bind her opponents
:bulletgreen: Ballet Dance Moves – allow her to move very elegent and agile
:bulletgreen: Animal communicating – able to talk to other creatures
:bulletgreen: Heart aura sense – able to feel people’s personality and feelings

:bulletgreen: Her flora element weak against fire
:bulletgreen: She is afraid of dark places
:bulletgreen: Her child body can be fragile depends of who she fight against
:bulletgreen: She's lack of intelligent and maturity for her actual age

:bulletgreen:6 years in past:bulletgreen:
6 years ago, the biggest sakura tree which located in Sakurai Tree had vanished into pink sparkles and revealed two twin babies at the place where The Sakura tree used to be. The incident only be remembered by some older students, teachers and Ms Sakurai. How the tree vanished and the babies exist is a mystery but only Ms Sakurai know the story behind it. Though the twins never knew that. They were given name by the headmaster; Lin and Lan.
Through years, they live as normal girls without any super powers until some bizzare accidents occur on some students which cause injuries and even almost got killed; as the school got cursed by a ghost. Lin could not stop her tears when look at the unlucky victims. One day, she saw a white feather at flower garden during crying for her friend who got coma. She decided to hold it to calm her mind and decided to meet Ms Sakurai about the situation. She was think of a wish for helping people who unlucky in suffering of that time. That moment the feather glowing and an angel got summoned. The feather turn out to be the angel’s feather that grant a wish in exchange of becoming a super hero to destroy The Negatives creature. That’s how she got her powers.
With help of the angel who disguise as a teacher and Ms Sakurai, Lin investigate the cause of the curse and thus, find out the ‘ghost’ is actually her twin sister, Lan. It was reveal that Lan got her power from the black feather and used them to suffer the students that she jealous of. Because of Lan’s jelousy of Lin, the twins were having a battle till victory claimed by Lin. Lan disappeared and never come back ever since. Lin felt sad for losing her twin sister, yet she felt relieve and happy that nobody will suffer from Lan’s curse. After the curse end, the angel left with a farewell messege

:bulletgreen:In 2012:bulletgreen:
After she regroup with other Virtue warriors, she was adopted by Sheriff Stone and being taking care by him; makes the sheriff as her kind brother. Still, she can return to her school anytime she wants and of course, always on the sheriff's side.
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Primal-Lord Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Poison Ivy would be jealous of her cuteness :D
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She tend to act as innocent too o3o
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If one of your characters meet Lin, who do you think will be? o3o
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Everyone of them could meet her somewhere, I guess.
How old is she supposed to be? The most children friendly character of mine would be Trish.
CrystalViolet500 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She is 18 but her body stop grown at age around 10 to 12 after gain a power of flora. She was assumed as a semi mortal o3o
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In this case my Trish Wolfe would totally love her.
She would probably have trouble remembering this is pretty much an adult in a child's body :XD:
She's a kids nut.
CrystalViolet500 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol XD
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